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Bankruptcy Experts have been helping people throughout Australia for years and can help you with everything that you would like to know about going bankrupt. Everyone’s circumstances are unique and require a professional solution. We have put the eight most frequently asked questions on this page so you can get a quick and easy answer. If you need more details continue on through our website or simply call us on 1300 795 575.

what assets will i lose
People think the minute they file for bankruptcy they lose everything except the shirt off their back, this is simply not true… Read more
Can I keep my car?
If you really need your car, whether it is for work or family commitments, will you still be able to keep it if you go bankrupt? … Read more
Can I keep my house
When considering bankruptcy, one of the first things people think about is the possibility of losing the family … Read more
Can I Travel Overseas
If you remain compliant and do what is required of you while you are bankrupt then the answer is yes!…. Read more
How much Can I earn
Whether you are in regional Australia or in the metro centres the first thing you need to know about going bankrupt is there is no…. Read more
How long will I take
There are 3 stages to the process; 1. Making sure bankruptcy is right for you and that you are prepared for the consequences. …. Read More
How will my credit rating be affected
Many people think that applying for bankruptcy means you will have a damaged credit rating for life. Truth is, you won’t… Read more
Will my business be affected?
There are limitations for business owners that are insolvent. For example, as a bankrupt business owner…Read more

Why Bankruptcy Experts

At Bankruptcy Experts we can help you with the bankruptcy process whether you are in a metro city area or any regional area across Australia, we will be able to help you understand all of your options and help you make informed choices. We are easy to deal with and know everything there is to know about bankruptcy, offering you the personalised advice and service you need. In many cases, we can have your application processed in as little as 24 hours.

Soon enough, you will be debt free and you can start living again. The hardest part is making the first step, making that first call and asking for help. No matter where you live, even remote regional locations, we can still help. We are here for you via phone, email, and post, so distance is not an issue.

We offer a bankruptcy service in over 40 locations throughout Australia including Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Hobart, Sunshine Coast, Newcastle, and Geelong. Feel free to give us a call now at Bankruptcy Experts on 1300 795 575 and we can talk about your options.

Who Should I Talk To?

When considering bankruptcy, it is normal to talk to friends or search the internet for advice. The problem with this is that, often, you end up being even more confused, or worse misled. You can lose hours upon hours reading through the mountain of information available online and come out none the wiser.

Save yourself the time and headache, give us a call first on
1300 795 575.

Who Should I Talk To
Should I talk to my accountant or solicitor

Should I Talk to My
Accountant or Solicitor?

At Bankruptcy Experts, we deal with bankruptcy every day, and have done so for many years. Why look any further for specialist bankruptcy advice for your situation? Although there are accountants and solicitors who specialise in insolvency, liquidations and bankruptcy, they are rare (most deal with more general areas).

We often get referrals from accountants and solicitors, who know that we can offer their clients a much more personalised, detailed solution for what, without expert help, can be a difficult and challenging process. What you really need is a professional bankruptcy expert so call us on 1300 795 575

Should I talk to my accountant or solicitor

The Big 5 Questions

1. Is Going Bankrupt Right for me?
2. Will I lose my job?
3. How will my income be affected?
4. Can I keep my house or car?
5. Will I lose my business or can I still be self-employed?

If you are considering bankruptcy, being able to answer these questions is vital. Then you’ll know exactly what will happen to your business and assets should you choose to file for bankruptcy. Feel free to download our eBook for free and inform yourself today. Or, if your questions are more complex, call us directly on 1300 795 575.

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